Kyra + Tully = Harmony


Kyra + Tully, Congratulations on a great night! What an amazing experience to take in your new Journey EP, live at beautiful Chalmers United Church. […]

Your Story + Our Photos = Beautiful Products


What do we mean when we say “your story” when we talk about photography? You’ve got a unique history, tastes, and significant details that are […]

Shelley + John = A Safe Bet!

Shelley John Wedding Preview

Dear Shelley + John: We thought we’d finally share some photos from the wedding! We ended up staying quite late, having so much fun with […]

Kristina + Tim = Puppy Love

Krisitina Tim Featured Image

Kristina + Tim, Congrats you two! It’s been so great to meet you and be able to capture your wedding day. You guys were definitely […]

Sara + Curtis = Engaged and ready (to party)!

Sara Curtis Featured Image

Sara + Curtis, Thanks for inviting us to shoot your engagement party and welcoming us to the generosity we see in you, your family, and […]

Sam + Mike = We’ve got your back! [updated]

Sam Mike Featured Image

Dear Sam + Mike, Congrats again on a beautiful day and ceremony! You guys made us laugh and we hope you’ll continue to smile like […]