Allison + Glendon = Survivors

17 AG Wedding Preview

So here’s a challenge for you to consider: How many people could survive the following (in no particular order)? A zombie apocalypse Time travelling paradoxes […]

Tammy + Paul = Swing Kids?

09 PT Wedding Preview Web

Perhaps not any time soon, but we thought we’d throw the suggestion out there! So it’s been a while, but we got to hang out […]

Small packages = Good Things + No Sleep

Small Packages Photo.jpg

Just a quick update to let you know that we’ve been busy catching up on many to-do items. Between ongoing housing renovations, car troubles, sick […]

Emily + Tim = Fireworks!

Emily Tim Wedding Fireworks

The fireworks went off a couple days early in Kingston last weekend, but it wasn’t to celebrate Canada Day! Emily and Tim were treated to […]

Kristi + Dennis = Spring Fever

Kristi + Dennis Wedding Preview

Did you feel the heat in Kingston a couple weekends ago? Despite the chill in the air, Kristi + Dennis effortlessly managed to look hot […]

Bonjour from Picton: the Marie + Brad wedding photography preview

319MB Wedding Photographs Picton

  Marie + Brad, We had such an amazing time with you, your family, and friends at Isaiah Tubbs in Picton! Such great conditions for […]