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Shelley John Wedding Preview

Shelley + John = A Safe Bet!

Dear Shelley + John: We thought we’d finally share some photos from the wedding! We ended up staying quite late, having so much fun with you, your family and guests. We didn’t realize we’d run into one of your bridesmaids again at an engagement party, […]

Krisitina Tim Featured Image

Kristina + Tim = Puppy Love

Kristina + Tim, Congrats you two! It’s been so great to meet you and be able to capture your wedding day. You guys were definitely some of the most relaxed couples we’ve worked with and it shows in the great shots below. The wonderful thing […]

Sam Mike Featured Image

Sam + Mike = We’ve got your back! [updated]

Dear Sam + Mike, Congrats again on a beautiful day and ceremony! You guys made us laugh and we hope you’ll continue to smile like we did. Take a few minutes and take it all in again (see below). Plus the venue (the Ivy Lea) was […]

17 AG Wedding Preview

Allison + Glendon = Survivors

So here’s a challenge for you to consider: How many people could survive the following (in no particular order)? A zombie apocalypse Time travelling paradoxes involving yourself A very, very, VERY, long engagement Multiple wardrobe malfunctions Lack of floral arrangement familiarity A last-minute cake collapse […]

09 PT Wedding Preview Web

Tammy + Paul = Swing Kids?

Perhaps not any time soon, but we thought we’d throw the suggestion out there! So it’s been a while, but we got to hang out with some “swingers.” Wait, let’s rephrase that: we got to photograph a wedding with some serious swing in their step. […]

Emily Tim Wedding Fireworks

Emily + Tim = Fireworks!

The fireworks went off a couple days early in Kingston last weekend, but it wasn’t to celebrate Canada Day! Emily and Tim were treated to surprises beyond (or despite?) their extensive planning. And we mean beyond the basic wedding planning: A getting ready video? Check. A […]