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Kyra + Tully = Harmony

Kyra + Tully,

Congratulations on a great night! What an amazing experience to take in your new Journey EP, live at beautiful Chalmers United Church. Such a great venue for audio and visual harmonies (shout out to Kingston Soundworks for the dramatic lighting!) demonstrated by you and all your talented friends. The Diaries captivated the audience right away. Matthew Barber blew us all away, doing the solo acoustic thing as only he could.

What was quite surreal was knowing that you were in the radio rotation almost simultaneously on DNTO! It didn’t hurt to get some well-deserved attention on CBC’s Ontario Morning and All in a Day as well. Adding to the surreal was the CFRC connection (playlist and MC!), spotlight in the Whig, and review on the Kingstonist to round out the local flavour and exposure.


Of course, all for a great cause: The Mosaic School will be off and running before you know it (more info on the Camphill movement for special needs Waldorf education can be found at Camphill Communities Ontario and Camphill Special School).

For those who missed it, check out Kyra and Tully‘s site and take a good listen!

If the gallery below isn’t working quite right for you, you can check out the Flickr photostream.

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