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Your Story + Our Photos = Beautiful Products

What do we mean when we say “your story” when we talk about photography? You’ve got a unique history, tastes, and significant details that are important to you. Somehow, we have to translate that into amazing imagery that reflects who you are and, at the same time, tell your whole story. We do that by keeping in mind the end products while we take the photos themselves. It’s a delicate balance of capturing special moments and being mindful of the end results.

Here’s an example of a box design where many elements all came together. This couple’s program was printed on kraft-like paper with a damask motif, which was a great starting point for our design. The challenge was to match that look (both colour and texture) on the special silk photo printing process. Photoshop skills to the rescue! We also work closely with the supplier to ensure accurate colour matching and cropping (thanks Finao!)

Their first dance was to a classic jazz number (“At Last”), which was also a reading during their ceremony. We incorporated this aspect with the font they had chosen (Colonna MT) and designed the text layout (including font size, tracking, kerning, and line spacing) to mirror the damask motif below. The damask motif acted as a stamp or closure, grounding the text above and balancing the names and date in the other fonts they also used in their program.

The photo elements were a blend of showcasing key details in a subtle way on the back of the box (dress, flowers, uniform, limestone wall). The front was a relatively straightforward romantic photo in black and white (with the water in the background as a reminder of their reception location), but with a simple keyline border to hint at the contents within (our photo prints are prepared with a similar treatment for a strong graphic look). All three aspects (front, back, and middle of the box) had to work together so as not to overpower one another.

All in all, just another example of creating something special for our special clients (thanks Chantal and Chris)! Hope this provided a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into our process and the way we do things! Stay tuned for more articles like this.




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